Tiếng Anh Lớp 9 Bài 9 Chia dạng từ


1. The sky is very _______________ . It?s going to rain. (cloud)

2. _________has become one of the fastest growing industries in recent year. (tour)

3. Because of the flooding, the whole village was __________to relief workers except by 6. boat. (access)

4. ____________Vietnam is often affected by droughts. (centre)

5. It is ________for you to live in an earthquake zone. What can you do to prepare in advance for an earthquake? (danger)

6. _________ never strikes in the same place twice. (Light)

7. We left the town ________________before the lava hit it. (safety)

8. The hurricane brought total _____________to the city. (destroy)

9. Thousands of people have been made ___________by the flooding and are in need of food, clothing and shelter. (home)

10. Mr. Robinson is a___________. He presents weather reports on TV every night. (weather)

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