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Tiếng Anh Thương Mại Bài 2


(Bài 2: Bàn về vấn đề tài chính)

Juan and Diane work in the finance department of Delicious Delights, a company that makes snack foods. Here, they’re discussing the financial projections for a new product line.

Juan và Diane làm việc trong phòng tài chính của Delicious Delights, một công ty sản xuất thức ăn nhẹ. Ở đây, họ đang thảo luận về vấn đề tài chính cho một dòng sản phẩm mới.

Juan:   I’m really excited about the launch of our new line (dòng sản phẩm mới) of fat-free Delicious Delight donuts.

Diane: Me too. But before we go any further, we’d better make sure this product line is going to be profitable.

Juan:   I did some back-of-the-envelope calculations (ước tính). Take a look.

Diane: I see you’ve estimated $2 million for the new equipment. Where did you get that figure?

Juan: That’s an educated guess (dự đoán theo kinh nghiệm)  based on some equipment I bought last year.

Diane: You’re going to need to double-check that. Using old esti­mates can get us in hot water (gặp rắc rối).

Juan: No problem. I’ll get on the phone with the manufacturer in Dallas and get & price quote.

Diane: Do you have a sense for market demand? We should get the forecasts from the marketing department before we crunch the numbers (tính toán tài chính).

Juan:  We don’t have those yet. Mary from marketing said maybe we’d have them next week.

Diane: It just blows my mind (làm cho ai ngạc nhiên) when marketing people want us to run numbers (tính toán tài chính), and they don’t bring us the information we need!

Juan:   If we end up in the red (mất tiền/ thua lỗ) on this project, it’s going to be their heads on the chopping block (bị bêu đầu/ bị sa thải), not ours. They’re the ones with P&L* responsibility!

Diane: Our CFO* won’t give this project the green light (cho phép tiến hành) until he sees all the numbers. If it doesn’t look like we’ll make money or at least break even (không lời không lỗ), he’ll pull the plug on the project (dừng dự án).


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