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Tiếng Anh Giao tiếp 1: Nói chuyện điện thoại

Bạn không tự tin giao tiếp Tiếng Anh qua điện thoại?

Hãy cùng học qua các tình huống giao tiếp Tiếng Anh chủ đề Nói chuyện qua điện thoại sau bao gồm phần từ vựng, luyện nghe và luyện tập.

Tiếng Anh Giao tiếp

Chủ đề: Nói chuyện qua điện thoại.

Tình huống 1: You’re so difficult to get through to!

Sydney:Did you call Ben last night?
Cậu có gọi cho Ben tối qua không?
John:Yes.  I tried to get a hold of him last night, but it was so difficult to get through.
Có. Tôi đã cố gắn gọi cho anh ấy tối qua, nhưng khó kết nối
Sydney:That’s strange.  Maybe he was on the Net.
Kỳ lạ. Có thể anh ta đang trên Mạng.
John:That’s probably itNo wonder the line was busy all the time!  Maybe he ought to get another line.
Có lẽ là vậy! Hèn chi đường dây bận cả buổi! Có lẽ anh ấy nên mua đường dây khác.
Sydney:Or he should get call-waiting
  • get through to: kết nối với
  • get a hold of: gọi điện cho ai
  • That’s probably it!: chắc vậy rồi
  • No wonder: hèn gì

Tình huống 2: I kept getting a busy signal

Sandy:Why didn’t you call me yesterday? 
Thomas:I tried to get a hold of you, but I couldn’t get through. 
Sandy:What time did you call? 
Thomas:I tried all morning. 
Sandy:Then I can’t understand why you couldn’t get through. 
Thomas:I kept getting a busy signal. 
  • get a busy signal: bị bận máy

Tình huống 3: Is your phone out of order?

Ruben:Is your phone out of order? 
  Donna:What do you mean? 
  Ruben:I tried calling you all last night, but I couldn’t get through. 
  Donna:Oh, I was on the phone all night.   Sorry about that. 
  Ruben:Well, you might wanna add call-waiting to your phone service if you’re always on the phone 
  Donna:I guess so. 
  • be out of order: bị trục trặc
  • be on the phone: đang bận máy
  • I guess so: tôi cũng đoán vậy

Tình huống 4: My telephone was disconnected

Lucy:What’s wrong with your phone, Dale?  I tried to call you all night last night. 
  Dale:I’m sorry.  No one was able to get through yesterday.  My telephone was disconnected by the phone company. 
  Lucy:What happened?  Didn’t you pay the bill? 
  Dale:Well…er…I forgot. 
  • What’s wrong with: có chuyện gì với.. vậy?

Tình huống 5: We seem to have a bad connection on the phone

Howard:I can hardly hear you, Nick! 
Nick:Oh, we seem to have a bad connection on this phone. 
Howard:Could you speak up, please? 
Nick:I’m talking as loud as I can. 
Howard:I’m going to hang up and call again. 
Nick:All right! 
  • can hardly hear: khó nghe rõ
  • have a bad connection: kết nối chậm/tệ
  • speak up: nói lớn lên
  • hang up: gác máy

Tình huống 6: Would you care to leave message?

JohnHello, may I speak to Mr. Brown? 
SecretaryHe just left. 
JohnWhen do you expect him back? 
SecretaryI’m sorry, but he’s gone for the day.  Would you care to leave a message? 
JohnCould you tell him that John Smith called and have him call me back tomorrow? 
SecretarySure.  May I have your phone number? 
JohnI think he has my number. 
SecretaryThank you, Mr. Smith.  I’ll tell him you called. 
  • May I talk to: cho tôi nói chuyện với
  • leave a message: để lại lời nhắn

Tình huống 7: Would you like to leave a message?

JoeHello, May I speak to Mr. Brown? 
SecretaryI’m sorry.  He’s out to lunch.  Would you like to leave a message? 
JoeWhat time do you expect him back? 
SecretaryMr. Smith should be back in half an hour. 
Joe:Thank you.  I’ll try back later. 
  • be out to lunch: đi ra ngoài ăn trưa

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