Tiếng Anh Giao tiếp 13: Thời gian


Part 13: Time

Situation 1: My alarm clock didn’t go off this morning.

time 3

Storyline: Rosie overslept because her alarm clock didn’t go off this morning…. .

Rosie: Sorry, I overslept.  My clock didn’t go off this morning.
Francie: Again?
Rosie: That’s right, even though I did set the alarm last night.
Francie: Your clock never works.  Perhaps you should buy a new one.
Rosie: Well, if it breaks down again tomorrow, I’ll definitely buy a new one.
Francie: Maybe by then it’ll be too late.
Rosie: What do you mean “too late”?
Francie: By that time you’ll be fired.

Situation 2: I always forget to put my clock back one hour.

Jessica is late everytime it is daylight savings time because she always forgets to put the clock forward one hour….

Kelly: Ha, Jessica, you’re late.
Jessica: Yeah.  Each time we switch to daylight savings time, I always forget to put the clock forward an hour.
Kelly: Well, then later this year when we switch back to normal time, don’t forget to set the clock back one hour.
Jessica: I just can’t win!  Each time we switch back to normal time, I always forget to put the clock back an hour, so I always come to work an hour early.
Kelly: So, just remember.  Spring forward, fall back.
Jessica: So, that’ll make it even.

Situation 3: My watch always gains 10 minutes a day.

Jane’s watch gains ten minutes a day, while Mary’s watch loses ten minutes a day.  Jane can put up with her watch, but Mary seems to be tired of hers….

Jane: My watch always gains ten minutes a day.
Mary: That’s funny.  My watch always loses ten minutes a day.
Jane: No kidding.
Mary: I’m serious.  Every morning I set my watch by the radio, but it still loses ten minutes.
Jane: You know what you can do?
Mary: Throw it away and buy a new one?
Jane: No, you don’t have to.  You only need to put your watch back ten minutes everyday.
Mary: So you put your watch back ten minutes everyday?
Jane: Yeah, that’s what I’m doing.
Mary: Why bother?  Just buy a new watch.  It doesn’t cost much.  Besides, I just can’t put up with this thing any more.

Situation 4: I always set my clock ahead ten minutes.

Roselind is very curious about why Jamie’s clocks show different times….

Roselind: Hey, you have so many clocks in your bedroom.
Jamie: Yeah, I want to make sure I can wake up in the morning.
Roselind: But is there something wrong with your clocks?  None of them has the same time.
Jamie: I do it on purpose.  I set this clock ahead ten minutes, and this one back ten minutes, but I always set that one to the right time.
Roselind: So the alarms ring every ten minutes?
Jamie: Yeah.
Roselind: Are your crazy or what?
Jamie: No, I am a heavy sleeper.  I need thunder to wake me up

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