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Tiếng Anh Giao tiếp 12: Mua sắm


shopping 2

Situation 1: Do you have these shoes in size seven?

Storyline: Karen walks into a shoe store.  She wants to buy a pair of new shoes for herself….

Clerk: May I help you?
Karen: Yes. Do you have these shoes in size seven?
Clerk: I’m not sure.  If you can’t find them on the rack, they may be out of stock.  But let me look in the stockroom.
Karen: Thanks. I’d like to try on a pair if you have them.
Clerk: I’ll be right back.

Situation 2: That’s a rip-off!

Situation 2: Dennis bought a used TV for 200 dollars.  He didn’t realize he had been ripped off….

Erwin: How much did you pay for it?
Dennis: 200 bucks.
Erwin: 200 bucks for a piece of junk like that?  That’s a rip-off!
Dennis: What do you mean?
Erwin: It’s not worth it.
Dennis: Oh.  I guess I really did get ripped off.

Situation 3: Are you being helped?

Storyline: Karen walks into a boutique.  She wants to buy a scarf….

Sales Assoc: Hi, are you being helped?
Karen: No, I’m not.  I’m interested in some scarves.
Sales Assoc: All our scarves are in this section.  What do you think of this one here?  It’s made of silk.
Karen: Hm, it looks nice, but I’d like to have something warm for the winter.
Sales Assoc: Maybe you would like a heavy wool scarf.  How about this one?
Karen: I think that’s what I want.  How much is it?
Sales Assoc: It’s…seventy-five dollars plus tax.
Karen: It’s a little expensive.  Do you think it’s possible to get a discount?
Sales Assoc: Hm, since you like it so much, how about a 10 percent discount. That’s the best I can offer.
Karen: That’s good.  Could you wrap it up for me?
Sales Assoc: Sure.  Is there anything else I can get for you?
Karen: No, that should be it.  Thank you.

Situation 4:  I am just browsing.

shopping mall

Storyline: Karen walks into a furniture store.  This time she only wants to browse….

Greg: Hi, can I help you?
Karen: No, thanks. I’m just looking.
Greg: All right.  If you need any help, just let me know.  My name is Greg.
Karen: Sure. I’ll let you know if I need anything. (A king-size mattress attracts Karen.)  Hm, this mattress is very firm.  Jack will probably like it.
Greg: Did you find something you like?
Karen: Yes, this mattress is very good.  It’s pretty firm.  The mattress I’m now sleeping on is saggy.
Greg: You’re right.  This is a very good brand.  It doesn’t sag easily.  And we offer a life-time warranty, so you don’t have to worry about its quality.
Karen: Does it come with a frame?
Greg: Unfortunately, it doesn’t.  However, we could offer a ten percent discount on that.  And also, if you’re really interested, we have a very good financing plan here.  There’s no payment, no interest until next June.
Karen: That’s an attractive plan.  I’ll think about it.
Greg: Well, you’ve got to hurry.  This mattress sells pretty well and this promotion ends tomorrow.

Situation 5: Keep the receipt in the safe place.

Storyline: John is very happy to buy a small CD player at a pretty good price.  When he checks out at the register, he asks the cashier about the return policy….

Cahsier: Is there anything else you would like to buy?
John: No, thank you.  I guess that’s it.  By the way, in case there’s a flaw in this CD player, can I return it?
Cahsier: Yes.  But you must return it within 30 days.
John: Is there a charge for that?  I know other stores have a restocking fee.
Cahsier: There will be no charge at all.  However, you must show us the receipt.  (The cashier is handing the receipt over to John for him to sign.)  Could you sign it here, please?
John: Thank you.
Cahsier: All right.  Keep your receipt.  If something comes up, you can show it to us and we’ll give you a refund.
John: Thanks.  I’ll put it in a safe place.

Situation 6: Do you want to come to the mall with me?


Storyline: Spencer likes to browse through the music store and he asks Doris whether she wants to go to the mall with him…

Spencer: Doris, do you want to come to the mall with me?
Doris: I’d love to, but I’m broke.
Spencer: So am I, but I like browsing through the music store there.
Doris: Are you sure you only want to browse?
Spencer: Yeah.  I like to listen to new albums there.  I don’t have money to buy them, but I can go there and listen.  You know you don’t have to pay for listening.
Doris: You’re such a dog.

Situation 7: We can still do window shopping, can’t we?

Storyline: Chris asks Doris whether she wants to go to the mall with her for the sale over there….

Chris: Doris, Highland Mall is having a big sale this weekend.  You wanna go?
Doris: Don’t feel like it.  I’m broke.
Chris: Well, we can still do some window shopping, can’t we?
Doris: Just look around?  Nah, that’s boring.
Chris: I’ll go myself then.

Situation 8: Do you want to have every color in the rainbow?

Storyline: Connie is very interested in a red blouse in the catalog she just received. She tells John that she wants to get one….

Connie: Look at this catalog, John.  I think I want to get this red blouse.
John: Don’t you have one like this in blue?
Connie: Yeah, but I don’t have a red one.
John: Do you need every color in the rainbow?
Connie: (Looking at her husband dumbly.) Yes!
John: (The husband shakes his head.) Tsk…tsk…women!

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