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Tiếng Anh Lớp 9 Bài 10 Chia dạng từ

1. I like this website because it is ______________for me. USE

2. There are many ______________ parks in Hanoi. BEAUTY

3. Would your children mind (keep) ______ quiet for a moment. I?m trying (fill) ____ in a form.

4. We asked her to take part but she made no ______________ to us. (respond)

5. This book provides information which is very ______________ to us.(value)

6. Many people still refuse to believe that smoking is (harm) _________.

7. Have you got any (suggest) _________________?

8. Where you ______________ (spend) your holiday last summer ?

9. They?re going to announce the (arrive) ______________ of the Prince.

10. No one can deny the ______________ of his contribution. (precious)

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