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Tiếng Anh Giao tiếp 15: Du lịch


Chủ đề: Du lịch


Situation 1: Can you keep an eye on my bag?

Tom is waiting in the lobby to get on the train.  But suddenly nature is calling, and he has to ask his friend who is sitting right next to him for help….

Tom: Can you do me a favor?
Jamie: Sure.  What is it?
Tom: Can you keep an eye on my bag, please? Nature’s calling.
Jamie: Sure.  Will you be long?
Tom: No.  I just want to use the bathroom.
Jamie: Go ahead.  It’ll be safe with me.

Situation 2: You should’ve kept an eye on it.

Tom fell asleep when he was waiting in the lounge for his plane to arrive.  When he woke up, he found his backpack no longer there.  He was very anxious and asked Mary about it….

traveling 1

Tom: Where is my backpack?
Mary: I don’t know.  Where did you leave it?
Tom: I just put it on the chair a while ago, but now it’s gone.
Mary: Are you sure?
Tom: Of course, I’m sure!  I bet someone stole it.
Mary: Well, you should’ve kept an eye on it.

Situation 3: Can you save my place, please?

Jill is waiting in line to buy some tickets for a concert coming up in a few days, but suddenly….


Jill: Excuse me, can you do me a favor?
Stranger: Sure.  What can I do for you?
Jill: Can you save my place for me, please?  Nature’s calling.
Stranger: Sure.  But hurry.  The line is moving fast.
Jill: Thanks.  It won’t be long.  I’ll be right back.

Situation 4: Is this seat taken?

When Gerald and Denise get to the lobby of the train station, they are tired.  Fortunately, they spot two empty seats in the lobby….

Gerald: Excuse me.  Is this seat taken?
Manager: (Put off the headphones.)  I’m sorry.  What did you just say?
Gerald: Oh.  Will someone be using this seat?
Manager: No.  You can take it.
Gerald: Would you mind moving over one seat so my wife and I can sit together?
Manager: No, not at all

Situation 5: I really miss the comforts of home.

Harry just came back from a vacation in Africa.  He told his friend how badly he had missed the comforts of home.

Gabby: Hi, Harry, it’s great to see you again.  I heard you’ve traveled a lot recently.
Harry: Yeah.  In the past three months I traveled to many countries in Africa.
Gabby: Well, I really envy you!  Did you pet a hyena?  (Harry is dumbfounded.)  I’m just kidding.
Harry: Well, I didn’t pet a hyena, but I was once chased by a rhino, and it was fun!
Gabby: Are you serious?
Harry: No.  I’m just kidding.
Gabby: You really scared the heck out of me.
Harry: (Laughing….)  Well, I really missed the comforts of home.  Now I just want to take a break.  A long break!

Situation 6: East or west, home is the best.

Jackie has been traveling a lot recently and is becoming a little tired of hotels and hotel food.

Frank: I heard you took a trip to Mexico.
Jackie: Yes, I did.
Frank: How did you like it?
Jackie: Oh, I got sick and tired of hotels and hotel food.
Frank: I can imagine.  East or west, home is the best.

Situation 7:   I’m low on gas.

Louise: Did you forget to check the gas?
Larry: Oh, I’m low on gas.  I’ve got to refill the tank.
Louise: Well, there’s a gas station across the street and it’s not too expensive.  About $1.19 per gallon for the mid-grade.
Larry: Let’s try that.  (Larry parks the car by the gas pump.)  Oh, that’s great!  The pump is out of order.
Louise: Looks like we’ve been followed by bad luck all day long.
Larry: Oh, come on.  Let’s try another pump.  No big deal!

Situation 8: We’re only staying overnight.

On their way to San Francisco, Roy decides to stop in a small town and stay there overnight….

Clerk: Good evening, sir.  May I help you?
Roy: Yes.  What kind of rooms do you have?
Clerk: How large is your party?
Roy: Three.  Two adults and one child.
Clerk: Let’s see. We have a room with two double beds.  How many nights?
Roy: Just one.  We’re only staying overnight.

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