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Tiếng Anh Giao tiếp 3- Cảm xúc

tiếng anh giao tiếp chủ đề cảm xúc


Giận dữ (Anger)

Tình huống 1: I can’t  stand him any longer

Jan: What’s going on between you and Gary?  Did you guys have a fight or something?
Andy: I can’t stand (chịu đựng) him any more.  He has such a short fuse (dễ cáu tiết) that even a little piece of friendly advice sets him off (nổi đóa).
Jan: So what did you tell him?
Andy: I told him that if he could be more patient and try not to lose his temper (nóng nẩy) so easily, he would be more popular.
Jan: No wonder he threw a fit (cho một trận).  His popularity is really a sore spot (nhạy cảm).
Andy: Well, I guess I’ll just keep my mouth shut (ngậm miệng).  That’ll teach me to give advice!
 Jan: Not unless you want to die!

Situation 2: Don’t take it out on me/ Đừng đổ hết lên tôi

Vickie: Jack, can you do the dishes tonight?  I’m very tired.
Jack: Can’t we just put them in the dish-washer?  I’ve had a very bad day, too!  I just want to kick back and relax.
Vickie: Hey!  Just because you had a bad day today doesn’t give you permission to take it out on me!
Jack: Just leave me alone!
Vickie: Why are you being such a turd (đáng ghét) !  I wish I hadn’t gotten married!


Situation 3: No wonder you’re livid/ Hèn chi mà bạn cáu tiết


June: You look so angry. What happened?
Mark: Nothing.   I’d rather not talk about it.  Just don’t ask.
June: Come on.  I think you need to let off some steam (hạ quả).  Besides, you shouldn’t keep your feelings pent up (dồn nén cảm xúc).  They’ll eat you alive.  So, talk to me.
Mark: All right.  This morning I took my car to the garage to have them check the air-conditioner. They only gave it a once-over, refilled it with some Freon, and charged me 300 bucks!
June: No wonder you’re livid.  I’d be mad, too if someone ripped me off (bắt chẹt) like that.
Mark: Yeah.   AND they were rude (thô lỗ).  They said I didn’t know anything about cars, which I don’t, but they didn’t have to be so blunt (lỗ mãng)!
June: Sounds like you got a raw deal (bị đối xử bất công)!  Maybe you should file a complaint (nộp đơn khiếu nại ) with the Consumer Protection Agency.

Situation 4: He flared up at me/ Anh ấy nổi điên với tôi

flare at

Judy: You look like you’re fuming (nổi giận).  What’s going on?
Andy: The boss is being unreasonable (vô lý)!  He flared up at me, making a mountain out of molehill! (việc bé xé ra to)
Judy: What’s the “molehill” he made a mountain out of?
Andy: I only made a few more copies, and I didn’t think it was any big deal (chẳng phải chuyện lớn lao gì), but he blew up at (nổi khùng với)me!
Judy: Well, he has been under a lot of pressure (căng thẳng) recently.  The company has been losing money and he’s been a little bit depressed (buồn bực).
Andy: Well, I know he has the blues (có chuyện buồn), but it doesn’t mean he can vent his anger on (trút giận) me.

Situation 5: Even the mention of his name starts me fuming/ Chỉ cần nhắc đến tên hắn đã làm tôi nổi điên

Storyline: Mark tells Clara that he can’t stop being angry at Ted because Ted was mean to him the other day.  Clara tries to persuade Mark to let go of his anger.

Clara: What happened just now, Mark?  You werne’t very kind when you were talking with Ted.  What do you have against (không vừa ý) him?
Mark: I just don’t like him at all.
Clara: Why?  Is there something in particular?
Mark: Well, he has such a mean streak (tính nết bủn xỉn) in him!  I went to his office to ask him for some help, and he simply turned up his nose at (coi thường) me!  I was so angry that I wanted to slap( tát) him!  He wasn’t like that before he got the job.   Now he’s such a snob (tên hợm)!
Clara: You want my advice?  Let it go (Bỏ đi).
Mark: Of course, logically I know you’re right, but somehow I just can’t bring myself to forget it.  Even the mention of his name starts me fuming.

LO LẮNG (Anxiety)


Tình huống 1: What’s on your mind?/ Đang nghĩ gì vậy?

Joanne: Hey, you look concerned.  What’s on your mind?
Harry: The final exam.  I’m not fully prepared yet.
Joanne: Well, don’t worry too much.  You still have three days.
Harry: Yeah, but three days will fly past in a wink (qua nhanh như chớp).
Joanne: Well, you still have time to cram things into your brain (nhồi nhét vô đầu) anyway.

III. Sợ hãi (Fear)

fear of dentist

Going to the dentist really unnerves me./ Đến nha sĩ làm tôi sợ

Jake has a terrible toothache, but he refuses to see a dentist because he had an unnerving experience before.

Jake:  Ouch!  This tooth is really bugging (làm khó chịu) me.
Anna:  Have you seen the dentist?
Jake: No, I haven’t.  Going to the dentist really unnerves me.   I try to avoid it like the plague (bệnh dịch).
Anna: Come on. Don’t be a chicken (Đừng nhát gan thế)!  It can’t be that bad!
Jake: I’m not a chicken!  But I’ll do anything to keep myself from getting in the dentist’s chair.
Anna: Even deal with a tooth that’s killing you?
Jake: You bet!

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