Tiếng Anh Giao tiếp 16: Làm việc


Tiếng Anh đàm thoại

Chủ đề: Làm việc


Situation 1: Why does she have a long face?

long face 1.jpg

May was recently promoted, but she doesn’t seem happy.  Her colleagues Cathy and Jake are kind of curious….

Cathy: Did you see May today?
Jake: Yes.  But why does she have such a long face?
Cathy: I don’t have the foggiest idea.
Jake: I thought she’d be happy.
Cathy: Yeah, especially since she got a promotion recently.
Jake: Maybe it’s some kind of personal problem.

Situation 2: Chances are slim!

Janice is thinking of whether or not she should quit and look for another job somewhere else because she hasn’t gotten a raise in three years….

Eddie: What are the chances of getting a raise this year?
Janice: Chances are slim!
Eddie: Wow!  You haven’t gotten a raise for how many years now?
Janice: (Heave a sigh). It’s been three years!  The company keeps losing money and they can’t afford to give anyone a raise.
Eddie: That’s too bad.  Did you ever think of working somewhere else?
Janice: Yeah.  In fact, I have an interview next Monday.
Eddie: Good luck!

Situation 3: I’m overwhelmed with a heavy workload.

Derrick complains to his good friend Terri that he is overwhelmed with a heavy workload….


Terri: Derrick, don’t you think you should take a vacation?  Even one or two days would be fine.
Derrick: There’s no way.  There’s too much work.
Terri: But you look so exhausted.  You need a break!
Derrick: I know.  My chances would be better if they would hire more people.
Terri: They won’t hire more people?
Derrick: No.  They always want to keep the cost down.  I am really overwhelmed with a heavy workload.
Terri: Maybe you should talk to the manager.
Derrick: Yes.  I’m going to bring this up in tomorrow’s meeting.


Situation 1:  I’ll keep that in mind.

Kent is going to have a job interview the next day.  His friend Reese is trying to give him some advice.

Reese: So, how was your interview?
Kent: I haven’t gone to the interview yet.  It’s tomorrow.  I’m so nervous.
Reese: Don’t worry.  You should do fine.  You have the experience.
Kent: I hope so.
Reese: Remember, they want someone who works well with people.  You’ve got to show them how easy-going and personable you are!
Kent: Thanks.  I’ll keep that in mind.

Situation 2: I believe I have a good chance.

Burt is applying for a new job and is very confident about himself.

Raelene: Hi, Burt.  I heard you’re looking for a new job.
Burt: Yeah.  I just had an interview yesterday.
Raelene: Oh.  How did it go?
Burt: I think I did well.  They said they would make a decision by this Friday.
Raelene: This Friday?  Looks like they want to hire the person as quickly as possible.
Burt: Yeah!  I think so, too.
Raelene: What are your chances of getting that job?
Burt: I believe I have a very good chance.  The director seems to like me.
Raelene: Well, good luck, then.
Burt: Thanks.  I hope it helps.

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