Tiếng Anh 8_Bài 7_Bài tập Word Form


1. He was so ___________ when he got home from work last night. (tire)

2. We are waiting for the ___________ of his plane (arrive)

3. They are living in a friendly ___________ (neighbor)

4. Nam thinks the food in this restaurant is ___________.(TASTE)

5. The shoes were nice, but they were___________.(COMFORT)

6. He is one of the best ___________in the world.(PHOTOGRAPH)

7. Surface mail is much ___________than airmail.(CHEAP)


9. There is a big ___________between the new shopping mall and the present shopping area. (differ)

10. Hoa and Nien used to be next-door___________.(NEIGHBORHOOD)

11. What ___________ can this lorry safely carry? (weigh)

12. Every week, there are two ___________ from Ha Noi to Nha Trang. (fly)

13. Despite being ___________, she is always modest. (success)

14. Their first public ___________was not very successful.(PERFORM)

15. She works at a ___________ store near her house. (grocer)

16. Their house has every modern ___________. (convenient)

17. The ___________ came from all over the country. (contest)


19. He won a gold medal for his fine ___________ in the contest. (perform)

20. He spoke to me in a ___________ way (friend)

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