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Tiếng Anh 8_Bài 8_Bài tập Word Form

1. ___________ air is one of many problems we have to solve. (pollution)

2. His parents are very_________ of him (PRIDE)

3. There is no____________ in the countryside. (ENTERTAIN)

4. The ___________ this town are veiy friendly. (RESIDE)

5. A lot of people believe that well-paid jobs are __________in the city. (PLENTY)

6. The child should be punished because of his bad ___________ (BEHAVE)

7. He wants to live in a ___________ place when he retires. (peace)

8. Television is very ____________nowadays.(POPULARITY)

9. Joyce think her hometown is a very ________ place. She really get ________there.(BORE)

10. We’ve decided to interview the best six ___________for job. (APPLY)

11. Disneyland is one of them famous areas of ____________.(ENTERTAIN)

12. Could you please help me with my ___________? (work)

13. Thank you for the ___________ present you gave me. (love)

14. He was the ____________ of the school after winning the contest.(PROUD)

15. We live in a rather rich ____________. (NEIGHBOR)

16. People in the country are often more ____________than people in the city. (FRIEND)

17. We are living in a friendly ___________. (neighbor)

18. The remote desert area is ____________ only by helicopter, (ACCESS)

19. He had no ____________ for his absence (EXPLAIN)

20. On ___________ at the airport, I was taken to an interview room. (arrive)

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