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Tiếng Anh 8_Bài 6_Bài tập Word Form

1. We accept your kind ___________ with pleasure. (invite)

2. Have you filled in the ___________ form for your passport yet? (apply)

3. Charties reply on ___________ contributions. (volunteer)

4. The World Health ___________ is an international one. (organize)

5. She could find ___________ and peace of mind in her later life. (happy)

6. The first World ___________ Festival was held in Prague in 1947. (young)

7. Two million people in this country live in ___________. (poor)

8. I ___________ the piano everyday. (practice)

9. We should save ___________ resources. (nature)


11. We will interview only three ___________ for the job. (apply)

12. He should say a few words of ___________. (explain)

13. We can find notes on how to use this dictionary at the ___________ of the book. (begin)

14. Children need lots of ___________ from their parents. (encourage)

15. Fishing is an ___________ my father enjoys best. (act)

16. Children need to have a good ___________. (educate)


18. They collected over 1000 ___________ for the petition. (sign)

19. Floods and earthquakes are ___________ disasters. (nature)

20. An increase in temperature by only a few degrees could cause environmental problems ___________. (world)

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