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Wordform_English 8_Unit 1

1. My little sister is such a pleasant, _______ girl. (help)

2. Our neighbors are always very ______ with us. (friend)

3. He decided to take part in the English- _______ contest. (speak)

4. It is such a ______ to meet you. (please)

5. L.A Hill is a ______ writer. (humour)

6. Nguyen does everything ________ (different) from his classmates.

7. An _____ is a home for children whose parents are dead or unable to look after them. (orphan)

8. Why do you _____ him so much? (like)

9. Nga felt ______ (extreme) upset about losing her job.

10. Everybody works ______ (quiet) in the library.

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