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Wordform_E8_Unit 9

1. I felt hot and ____ after my game of tennis. (thirst)

2. Make sure that the needles are _______ (sterilize)

3. Each of my friends has a _______ character. (differ)

4. The victim who has a dog bite needs an anti-tetanus ______ . (inject)

5. Come by the fire. You must be _______ to the bone. (chill)

6. He drinks a lot of coffee to keep him ______. (wake)

7. A few passengers received serious _________ in the accident. (injure)

8. The _____ she gave last night was marvelous. (perform)

9. My father needs some ____ on which computer to buy. (advise)

10. Children often feel a lot of ________ about their first day at school. (anxious)

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