Wordform_E8_Unit 8


1. The ____________ this town are very friendly. (reside)

2. Floods and earthquakes are ___________ disasters. (nature)

3. A lot of people believe that well-paying jobs are ____________in the city. (plenty)

4. On ___________ at the airport, I was taken to an interview room. (arrive)

5. A lot of people believe that well-paid jobs are ___________in the city. (plenty)

6. What is the correct __________of this word? (pronounce)

7. Some of my ___________live in the countryside. (relate)

8. Farmers are always faced with ____________brought about by typhoons, floods or droughts. (destroy)

9. She has no parents or close____________. (relate)

10. He greeted me in a very ___________ way. (friend)

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