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Wordform_E8_Unit 6

1. They collected over 1000 ___________ for the petition. (sign)

2. The World Health ___________ is an international one. (organize)

3. This is the best book that I have read ___________. (late)

4. Because of the ___________ of her teachers, she decided to study law. (encourage)

5. We accept your kind ___________ with pleasure. (invite)

6. She could find ___________ and peace of mind in her later life. (happy)

7. We will interview only three ___________ for the job. (apply)

8. An increase in temperature by only a few degrees could cause environmental problems ___________. (world)

9. I ___________ the piano everyday. (practice)

10. Children need lots of ___________ from their parents. (encourage)

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