Wordform_E8_Unit 2

Categories : Bài tập Tiếng Anh

1. Alexander Graham Bell _______ (success) demonstrated his _____ (invent) in the public.

2. My brother is working as an _______ manager. (assist)

3. Thanks for the ______ to your birthday party. (invite)

4. He was ______ in demonstrating his invention. (success)

5. Nga is one of my ________ (friendly). She always talks to everyone in a _______ (friend) way.

6. Do you have any _____ about train times? (inform)

7. There was still no _____ on what to do next. (agree)

8. This old man is _____ in one ear. (deafen)

9. They made all the _______ for the party. (arrange)

10. Children usually develop ______ in the second year of life. (speak)

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