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Tiếng Anh Lớp 9_Bài 5_Chia dạng từ

1. The snow kept (fall) ________________ the whole day.

2. He cycled ________________ and had an accident (CARE).

3. _______________ TV is available now. (interact)

4. Some designers have _____________the Aodai by printing lines of poetry on it.(modern)

5. They have just _______________ a new style of jeans in the USA .(Introduction)

6. They have just ___________________ a new style of jeans in the USA .(introduction)

7. I wish I ________________ (live) in a big city. It’s so boring in the country.

8. Listen for these foreigners. What language ________________ they________________ speak)?

9. Do you know what the ________________ of this river? (DEEP).

10. Listen ____________ please. (care)

11. Exercise is said ________________ (be) good for you.

12. The fire seems (be) ________________ out.

13. Since the information revolution began, ____________have become quicker and easier. (communicate)

14. Hanoi is not ______________from Kuala Lumpur .(difference)

15. They _________________at least twice a week. (correspondence)

16. Do you surf the internet for fun or _______________ ? (educate)

17. My father likes (read) ________________. newspapers before going to work.

18. They have held the ________________for the past two years. (CHAMPION).

19. She apologized for (be) ________________late.

20. He hates (have) ________________ lunch at school.

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