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Tiếng Anh Lớp 9_Bài 5_Chia dạng từ

1. I am interested in (play) ________________ computer games.

2. _____________, ao dai was worn by both men and women. (tradition)

3. Vietnamese people are very ________________ and hospitable. (friend)

4. The Internet has _______________ developed nowadays. (increase)

5. You got this bad mark because your written assignment had some ___________ (limit)

6. There is now no ________________That she will make a full recovery. (POSSIBLE).

7. We felt ________________ in the show. (interest)

8. Do you know what the ________________ of this river? (DEEP).

9. They _________________at least twice a week. (correspondence)

10. Your money will be refunded if the goods are not to your complete ___________.SATISFY

11. We are fond of ________________ (read) magazines about teenagers.

12. He loves (listen) ________________ to live music on TV.

13. I wish I ________________ (live) in a big city. It’s so boring in the country.

14. _______________ TV is available now. (interact)

15. The beach is full of all kinds of ________________. (pollute)

16. Although that laptop is _______________, I will buy it. (cost)

17. Everyone has their _____________ which are hardly recognized by themselves. (limit)

18. They are working ________________, so we are _____________. (effect / satisfy)

19. He isn’t tall enough _______________ (reach) that high shelf.

20. I like to wear casual clothes because it is ______________. (convenience)

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