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Tiếng Anh Lớp 9_Bài 5_Chia dạng từ

1. Diet plays an important role in the ________________ of heart disease. (MANAGE).

2. Although that laptop is _______________, I will buy it. (cost)

3. Computers are becoming _______________popular. (increase)

4. Is she fond of (chat) ________________?

5. He hates (have) ________________ lunch at school.

6. They have held the ________________for the past two years. (CHAMPION).

7. Why do you decide (choose) . ________________ this book ?

8. Tet is the most important ________________ in Viet Nam. (celebrate)

9. You got this bad mark because your written assignment had some ___________ (limit)

10. She dislikes ________________ (ask) to do something by the other.

11. I am interested in (play) ________________ computer games.

12. The Internet has _______________ developed nowadays. (increase)

13. _______________ TV is available now. (interact)

14. She tried to make a good ________________ on the interviewer. (impress)

15. She sings very ________________. (beauty)

16. The girls went to see the ________________ places in HCMC. (fame)

17. What is the main language of ______________ at the school? (instruct)

18. Our boys play ________________ today. (disappoint)

19. The snow kept (fall) ________________ the whole day.

20. This river is extremely _______________. (pollute)

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