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Tiếng Anh Lớp 9_Bài 5_Chia dạng từ

1. Three million dollars ________________ (not , be) enough for the victims in the tsunami last year

2. This river is extremely _______________. (pollute)

3. _______________ TV is available now. (interact)

4. He loves (listen) ________________ to live music on TV.

5. She dislikes ________________ (ask) to do something by the other.

6. You ________________ (not tidy) this room for weeks.

7. She is a ________________ girl. (communicate)

8. ________________have been working hard in the search for a cure for cancer. (SCIENCE).

9. There is now no ________________That she will make a full recovery. (POSSIBLE).

10. The Internet is one of the most important _____________ of our life. (invent)

11. Exercise is said ________________ (be) good for you.

12. Did you advise him (go) ________________. to the police ?

13. The snow kept (fall) ________________ the whole day.

14. I wish I ________________ (live) in a big city. It’s so boring in the country.

15. The girls went to see the ________________ places in HCMC. (fame)

16. Is she fond of (chat) ________________?

17. Vietnamese people are very ________________ and hospitable. (friend)

18. Since the information revolution began, ____________have become quicker and easier. (communicate)

19. They have just ___________________ a new style of jeans in the USA .(introduction)

20. When will you finish (repair) ________________ my car ?

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