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Tiếng Anh Lớp 9_Bài 4_Chia dạng từ

1. He is an _______________ of this newspaper. (edition)

2. she said to me that she (sell) ____________ that car the following day.

3. I asked them if they (pass) ____________ the final exam.

4. She asked him where he (be) ___________.from.

5. My teacher ____________ me to take this examination. COURAGE

6. Please phone this number for more _______________ . (inform)

7. Jeans are ___________________ made from cotton. (complete)

8. This book is no_______________ .(avail)

9. The teacher asked her why she (not do) ____________ the test.

10. He asked me where I (go) ____________. the previous day.

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