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Tiếng Anh Lớp 9_Bài 2_Chia dạng từ

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1. Jeans and T-shirts are his ______________ clothes. (favor)

2. I enjoy a ______________ life in Vietnam. (peace)

3. The baby is sleeping ______________. (peace)

4. He is interested in the ______________of old building ( Preserve)

5. ___________________ of clothes always goes up. (sell)

6. She has one of the biggest ______________in Britain (collect)

7. She left school with good ______________ (qualify)

8. We have been _____ since we were children. I hope our ______ will last forever. (friend)

9. Sorry about the mistakes, I ______________the instructions you have given me . (understand)

10. They had an ___________________ day by the river. (enjoy)

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