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Tiếng Anh Lớp 9_Bài 1_Chia dạng từ

Give the correct word formation

1. There were so many ________________in the talent contest. (compete)

2. They like Pho Bo. ________________, they enjoy Bun Bo. (add)

3. The garden is ________________ with trees and flowers. (beauty)

4. Can you give me some ________________ the next flights to Florida? ( inform ) .

5. They enjoy the ___________________ atmosphere here. (peace)

6. Mrs Smith is a good ____________________. (cooker)

7. She will make _________________for us to see that famous singer. (arrange)

8. Viet Nam is interested in saving _____________ resources. (nature)

9. The language of ___________________ is Bahasa Malaysia. (instruct)

10. They seem to be ________________. We dislike them. (friend)

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