Tiếng Anh Lớp 9_Bài 1_Chia dạng từ


Give the correct word formation

1. Mrs Smith is a good ____________________. (cooker)

2. Have you seen the lastest ______________ for Pepsi . (advertise)

3. To Huu is a famous______________ (poetry).

4. The baby slept _____________. (peace)

5. We saw ___________________ girls there. (beauty)

6. Viet Nam is interested in saving _____________ resources. (nature)

7. I hope to speak English as _____________as my teacher. (good)

8. Are you fond of __________________beauty? (nature)

9. There is an ________________ match between Vietnam and Lebanon on VTV3. (nation)

10. We like their ___________________ (friendly).

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