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Tiếng Anh 8_Bài 5_Bài tập Word Form

1. My grandmother can read ______ without glasses. (good)

2. His visit gave his grandparents much _______. (pleasant)

3. The _______ of the project made me tense. (important)

4. He was ______ of his achievements in the field of politics. (pride)

5. She actively _______ in social work. (participation)

6. All the teachers think that his work is ________. (satisfy)

7. Last year we had an ______ summer holiday. (enjoy)


9. This grammar book is ______ both for classroom use and for independent study. (suit)

10. What is the correct _____ of this word? ( pronounce)


12. Our life is much better with the help of modern ______(equip)

13. She was _____ to say that. (fool)

14. There is room for further _______ in your English. (improve)

15. She works for a/ an _________ bank in Hanoi. (nation)

16. The food at this restaurant is _______. (excel)

17. He sent me a _______ during his vacation in Hue. (card)

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