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Tiếng Anh 8_Bài 4_Bài tập Word Form


2. Our life is much better with the help of modern ______. (equip)

3. My parents are very _______ of me. (pride)

4. _________, I lost my keys on the way home. (fortunate)

5. You made a wise ______ when you choose to study Spanish. (decide)

6. The disease causes thousands of ________ a year. (die)

7. You must read the following _____ precautions carefully. (safe)

8. My uncle is an _______ engineer. (electrify)

9. The children should be punished because of their bad _______ (behave)

10. They had a long and happy _______ . (marry)

11. The sun ______ behind a cloud. (appear)

12. The school uses a combination of modern and _____ methods for teaching reading. (tradition)


14. Everyone was very _______ after hearing that news. (Excite)

15. When the _______ failed, he struck the match to find the candles. (electric)

16. Before he went to university, his father gave him a few words of ______. (wise)

17. Two million people in the country live in _______. (poor)

18. She was _____ enough to believe him. (fool)

19. Her father soon died of a ______ heart. (break)

20. She fell of the bike, but her _______ were not serious. (injure)

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