Tiếng Anh 8_Bài 3_Bài tập Word Form


1. I never play ice hockey. I think it is very _______. (danger)

2. Hard work always brings _______. (succeed)

3. In most countries, there are organization especially for _______. (teen)

4. A small group of _____ are playing outside the door. (child)

5. Most teenagers like taking part in _________ service. (communal)

6. This river is very ________ for swimmers. (danger)

7. You must put all decicines in _______ cupboards. (lock)

8. Every year, factories release thousands of tons of poisonous _______ into the atmosphere. (chemistry)

9. My sister has got a very nice stamp _______. (collect)

10. More and more young people want a university ________. (educate)

11. Many people are very concerned about the ______ of the rainforests. (destroy)

12. Several passengers received serious ________ in the accident. (injure)

13. I tried to lead a ______ lifestyle- lots of exercises, fruit, and no junk foods. (health)

14. You can get a credit card, you have to provide a lot of _______ details. (person)

15. Could you load the _____ machine, please? (wash)

16. The _______ of atom bomb is very terrible. (destroy)

17. By the 1990s most ______ had a television. (house)

18. The rice ______ is next to the stove. (cook)

19. The most popular _______ at recess is talking. (act)

20. Those clothes are _______ for cold weather. (suit)

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