Tiếng Anh 8_Bài 2_Bài tập Word Form


1. This old man is _____ in one ear. (deafen)

2. I have to do my ______ before watching television. (work)

3. Do you have any _____ about train times? (inform)

4. Michael Faraday made a lot of ______ in the field of electricity. (invent)

5. Your order is ready for _______. (deliver)

6. He told this fairy story to his daughter ______ (count) times.

7. The world changed rapidly after the _______ of the telephone. (invent)

8. The ______ future of the company looks very promising. (commerce)

9. There was an ______ of paintings at the Art Gallery. (exhibit)

10. Alexander Graham Bell _______ (success) demonstrated his _____ (invent) in the public.

11. They made all the _______ for the party. (arrange)

12. Alexander Graham Bell was born in _________ (Scottish).

13. There was still no _____ on what to do next. (agree)

14. There are ______ arguments against the building of a new stadium in the city center. (count)

15. She went ______ to answer the phone in the living room. (stairs)

16. The _____ of any plan depends largely on its manager. (succeed)

17. He was ______ in demonstrating his invention. (success)

18. My brother is working as an _______ manager. (assist)

19. Thanks for the ______ to your birthday party. (invite)

20. Children usually develop ______ in the second year of life. (speak)

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