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Tiếng Anh 8_Bài 13_Bài tập Word Form

1. On Christmas Day, I often send my close friends _______ cards. (Greet)

2. The ______ of the town used to be flooded. (surround)

3. Thanks for the ________ to your birthday party. (invite)

4. An indoor ______ pool is being built in the city center. (swim)

5. Santa Clause is based on the _______ of Saint Nicholas in poem. (describe)

6. Women often buy a lot of skin-care ______ (produce)

7. Ha Long Bay was _______ as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. (recognition)

8. In my opinion, this film is _______ for the children. (suitable)

9. Dad was putting up the Christmas _______ (decorate).

10. Paris is ______ for the Eiffel Tower. (fame)

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