Tiếng Anh 8_Bài 10_Bài tập Word Form


1. This form must have the ______ of the writer. (sign)

2. Attractive _______ can help to sell products. (package)

3. We finished the job, but only with great _________. (difficult)

4. It is a very simple question. You can answer it ______ (easy)


6. Waste paper can be _______ after being recycling. (use)

7. Our teacher always _____ us to study hard. (courage)

8. We hope the ______ to announce tax proposals today. (govern)

9. Compost is a wonderful _______. It helps plants grow. (fertilize)

10. This river is very _____ for children to swim. (danger)

11. Share your _______ story with our readers! (recycle)

12. Some _______ resources cannot be replaced. (nature)

13. They had a ________ time in Halong Bay last summer. (wonder)

14. Their latest CD is a ______ of old and new songs. (mix)

15. Linda is one of the _______ from Friends of the Earth. (represent)

16. Farmers often use ______ to make plants grow well. (fertilize)

17. Reduce means not buying products which are ____________ (overpackage)

18. Let me have your _______ on this report by Friday. (think)

19. These products are _______ friendly. (environment)

20. Their company has two _______ in every city. (represent)

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