Tiếng Anh 7_Bài tập Giới từ

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1. We enjoy all ________ our classes.

2. She spends most ________ the time _______ the couch ________ front ________ the TV.

3. They usually have portable CD player ________ small earphones.

4. Those books ________ the back ________ the libraries are ________ English.

5. Can you send me a photo ________ your family?

6. Would you like to come ________ my house ________ lunch?

7. Can I see the rest ________the house?

8. ________ history, we study past and present events________ Vietnam and________ the world.

9. It takes 18 hours to get ________ Hanoi ________ coach.

10. She’ll have a party ________ her birthday.

11. She works ________ a local supermarket.

12. She takes care ________ her family.

13. Are you tired ________ watching TV?

14. What do you do ________ your free time?

15. Now, come and look ________ the kitchen.

16. They read or study ________ the same time.

17. He goes ________ the city ________ his wife.

18. We always go to Halong Bay ________ vacation.

19. Does your father work ________ Hanoi?

20. Thanks ________your letter.

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