Thì Hiện tại Tiếp Diễn

Categories : Bài tập Tiếng Anh

1. We ( do) exercises on the present tenses at this moment.

2. The farmers ( work) in the field now.

3. It rains very much in the summer. It ( rain) now.

4. She usually has a glass of milk after breakfast, but now she ( drink) a cup of coffee.

5. Be quiet! The baby ( sleep) in the next room.

6. In the South Vietnam, it rains a great in July, August, and September. Now it ( rain) outside.

7. What you ( do) now?

8. Mary usually wears a blue dress, but now she ( wear) a flowered one.

9. Listen! I think someone ( knock) on the door.

10. Look! The girl ( cry).

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