Chia Động Từ To Infinitive/ Bare Infinitive/ Gerund

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Chia dạng động từ thích hợp cho các động từ trong ngoặc

1. Stop (talk) _____________________; I am trying (finish) _____________________a letter.

2. I arranged (meet) _____________________them there.

3. After (walk) _________three hours we stopped (rest) ___________and let the others (catch) ______________up with us.

4. His doctor advised him (give) _____________________up (jog) _____________________.

5. She like her children (go) _____________to the dentist every six months.

6. I tried (persuade) ______________him (agree) _____________________with your proposal.

7. I am beginning (understand) _____________________what you mean.

8. If you go on (let) _____________________your dog (chase) _____________________cars he will end by (be) _____________________run over.

9. He is expected (arrive) _____________________in a few days.

10. I am prepared (wait) _____________________here all night if necessary.

11. An instructor is coming (show) _____________us how (use) _____________the machine.

12. Before (give) _______________evidence you must swear (speak) ___________________the truth.

13. He urged us (work) _____________________faster.

14. I advise you (start) _____________________ (look) _____________________for a flat at once.

15. Would you mind (show) _______________me how (work) _____________________the lift.

16. I regret (inform) _____________________you that your application has been refused.

17. Would you mind (shut) _______________the window? I hate (sit) _______________in a draught.

18. He wanted (see) _____________________the house where the president was born.

19. He wore glasses (avoid) (be) _____________________recognized.

20. I wish (see) _____________________the manager.

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