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Chia Động Từ To Infinitive/ Bare Infinitive/ Gerund

Chia dạng động từ thích hợp cho các động từ trong ngoặc

1. Some people seem (have) __________the passion for (write) _____________to the newspapers.

2. I am looking forward (see) _____________________ you.

3. People used (make) ___________________fire by (rub) ____________two sticks together.

4. I prefer (drive) _____________________to (be) _____________________driven.

5. After (hear) _____________the conditions I decided (not enter) __________for the competition.

6. Would you mind (lend) _____________me some money? I forgot (cash) __________ a cheque.

7. I am prepared (wait) _____________________here all night if necessary.

8. I regret (inform) _____________________you that your application has been refused.

9. She like her children (go) _____________to the dentist every six months.

10. My mother told me (not speak) _____________________too anyone about it.

11. He urged us (work) _____________________faster.

12. I advise you (start) _____________________ (look) _____________________for a flat at once.

13. He wore glasses (avoid) (be) _____________________recognized.

14. At dinner she annoyed me by (smoke) _____________________between the courses.

15. Your windows need (clean) ______________.Would you like me (do) ___________them for you.

16. The boy likes (play) _____________________games but hates (do) ________________exercises.

17. I wish (see) _____________________the manager.

18. Stop (talk) _____________________; I am trying (finish) _____________________a letter.

19. He wanted (see) _____________________the house where the president was born.

20. Would you mind (shut) _______________the window? I hate (sit) _______________in a draught.

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